Our Promise

Chef Gabriel Mcintosh
Namaari Kawamura
Founders / Managing Partners

"I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that."
-Jose Andres Puerta

"We are a small-batch local business based in Asheville, NC. Our focus is delivering quality and consistency across our products. We are trying to get people back to the basics of what good food should taste and are on a mission to change how healthy food is viewed. There is a common misconception that healthy food doesn't taste good. We are here to offer our culinary expertise to offer better tasting healthy food options.

Our goals are to promote healthy food products and provide alternative options. We hope to encourage a sustainable lifestyle for both the individual and planet. Ingredients for our products are sourced to be organic, locally sourced when possible, and using natural unrefined sugars. We also offer plant-based & gluten-free options.

We would like to move people away from over processed foods filled with additives, preservatives, and cane sugar commonly found in commercial products. Sharing great flavors from our kitchen to yours. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer and share the experience!"