Chef Gabriel Mcintosh


The Chef received his Culinary Arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu and brings over 10 years of culinary knowledge and experience. He trained as a Cook working in high end locations such as Mon Ami Gabi and The Cosmopolitan among others in the Las Vegas area. Most recently, he was the Executive Chef at Bite American Tapas, a popular restaurant in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Over the past two years he has been solely focused on developing recipes and products for his business, Better Thymes LLC. During his time at Bite, he was able to hone his culinary skills, execute menu planning, and manage a close-knit team, all while helping run the busy restaurant. He enjoys all types of cuisines and is versatile with all his dishes. Most recently he has been working with Asian flavors due to their complex flavor background.

Although he has learned a lot working in restaurants, he felt the dishes he created were never fully his. There was always an outside influence he could not get away from. The chef is finally ready to break away from the mainstream and cook food the way he wants. Get ready to be spoiled with new flavors and tantalizing dishes that will keep you coming back for more. As someone who truly cares about food, the bar is set high

Namaari Kawamura


The Partner received her Bachelor of Science in Resort & Lodging Management from Chico State in Chico, California. She brings over 10 years of business management and client service expertise. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she helped launch a startup hedge fund and investment management financial service firm in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Over the past two years she was working remotely as the Director of Operations for a local real estate firm in Asheville. But she recently left her position to be able to commit to Better Thymes LLC full time. She knew that was the next step to help take the business to the next level. Prior to working for the financial services industry, she spent time in real estate as the escrow coordinator and honed her high standards of customer service from training at The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.

While she enjoyed helping run businesses, she yearned for something to call her own and leave behind her own impact and legacy. So, when the Chef/Partner said let’s start our own business...the answer was easy. With an eye for detail, operational knowledge, and extensive business background experience she is ready to bring her all to this venture.